By partnering with established international manufacturers who specialize in their relevant fields,
Lanka PowerTel is able to fully ensure the high quality guarantee of its solutions to end clients in various industries.

  1. Our Partners

    We partner with well reputed suppliers whose solutions have been tried and tested in the areas of performance and safety. Our partners are certified and have been in their respective fields for a longtime assisting many clients globally.

  2. Our Solutions

    We offer a wide range of solutions catering to the engineering field. These include solutions on power, environmental conditioning, communications as well as installation and maintenance of infrastructures. Our solutions are quality guaranteed.

  3. Our Clients

    We have worked with numerous clients in different industries, assisting them to find the ideal solutions for diverse requirements. Our clients are well established renowned companies who only settle for the best products and services.

  4. Our Policy

    We constantly strive to be the most reliable supplier and service provider in all engineering heading in Power and Telecommunication infrastructures.